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SLoCaT Transport and Climate Change 2018 Global Status Report (TCC-GSR)

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The Transport and Climate Change 2018 Global Status Report (TCC-GSR) describes trends in transport emissions and illustrates policies as well as policy targets across all transport sub-sectors. It sets a baseline that helps to capture the progress of transport in regard to climate action. The TCC-GSR is a key resource for policy-makers to support raising ambition on climate action (mitigation and adaptation) in sustainable transport. 



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The Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) is leading the production of a regular Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR) to bring together information streams on transport and climate change and to offer policy-makers and practitioners three key elements:

The TCC-GSR provides a big-picture analysis of transport activities at global, regional and national levels. It is rich on examples of implemented transport policies from recent years and a strong focus on 2017

The TCC-GSR monitors transport contributions to global agendas (Paris Agreement, SDG, New Urban Agenda) by developing a central data repository on transport and climate change. It is supported by SLoCaT's Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB).

The TCC-GSR highlights linkages between transport climate action and development co-benefits, such as energy efficiency, air quality and road safety.


Content of the Transport and Climate Change GLobal Status Report (TCC-GSR)

Once published, you can access the following topics of the TCC-GSR here:

 Part I:

Key Findings
Global Overview


Part II:


A. Transport Demand B. Transport Emissions
and Other Impacts
C. Transport CO2 Emission Mitigation Targets and Potential


Part III:


A. Framework and Mechanisms B.3 Railways
B.6 Fuel Economy
B.1 Sustainable Mobility Planning and Transport Demand Management B.4 Walking and Cycling B.7 Electric Mobility
B.2 Urban Public Transport B.5 New Mobility Services B.8 Renewable Energy
in Transport

Part IV:

A. Finance for Transport and Climate Change B. Stakeholders Mobilizing for Action on Transport and Climate Change Reference Tables and Endnotes


TCC-GSR Outreach Material

More details on the objectives and key elements of the TCC-GSR can be found in the introductory presentation here. You can also take a look at the TCC-GSR flyer here.

Flyer Overview Presentation

The TCC-GSR aims to be the key resource for policy-makers to track progress on transport mitigation and adaptation and increase ambition in UNFCCC Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The TCC-GSR will an important input to the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue and subsequent global stocktakes. The TCC-GSR is intended to contribute towards the Green Mobility pillar of the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) initiative.


Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB)

The TCC-GSR is supported by SLoCaT's central database, called TraKB, that combines available data on sustainable transport and makes it accessible. You can find more information about TraKB here and download TraKB Version 0.2 here.

National Focal Points

For the second edition of the TCC-GSR the collection of information will be enhanced through national focal points. This approach will ensure a better geographic diversity of information and deliver a more comprehensive picture of the progress of climate action in transport. Find out more about the TCC-GSR national focal points here and register here.

TCC-GSR Webinars

So far, there have been two webinars summarizing the content of the TCC-GSR. Please find the recordings of the webinars here:


Regional Infographics on Transport and Climate Change

Based on the findings of the TCC-GSR, SLoCaT developed three regional infographics. They show the trends and activities on sustainable transport in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Transport and Climate Change in Africa

Transport and Climate Change in Asia

Transport and Climate Change in Asia



Latin America (Spanish Version)


Key Questions on the TCC-GSR

1.           What elements does the TCC-GSR contain?

2.           How was the TCC-GSR being developed?

3.           How can you contribute to the TCC-GSR?

Please contact Karl Peet, SLoCaT Research Director ( to contribute to the above areas or to request more information on the TCC-GSR.

For media inquiries and press-related information, please contact Nikola Medimorec (


The TCC-GSR is primarily supported by these organizations:

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