Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST)

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The objective of the Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) initiative is to foster a common understanding across Asia/Latin America / Africa on the essential elements of Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) as well as promote an integrated approach to deal with multi-sectoral social, economic, environment, and transport  issues, and to set in motion a regional mechanism and consultative process to address policy and institutional issues and gaps to deal with multi-sectoral environment, public health and transport issues. Through this initiative the Bangkok 2020 Declaration (for Asia) and Bogotá Declaration (for Latin America) will be implemented.

Organizations making this commitments:United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), Clean Air Asia (CAA).

For the original text of the EST Voluntary Commitment, please see Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST)

See 1st Status Report-Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport to learn more on the implementation of this Voluntary Commitment.

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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