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Transport-related CO2 emissions are projected to increase 57% worldwide in the period 2005–2030. Transport in Asia and Latin America is fastest growing sector in terms of emissions and will contribute the largest share of global increase in transport-related CO2 emissions.

At the same time in 2005, 40% of people lived on less than $2 per day (World Bank Development Indicators 2008). Better transport systems in the developing countries are needed to provide better access to jobs, markets, schools and health care. 

The current process of motorization in developing countries is expected to result in a manifold increase in motor vehicles between now and 2050.

Apart from causing an increase in GHG emissions transport in developing countries also causes congestion and in contributing to air pollution, accidents and a general decrease in the quality of life in many of the cities in developing countries.


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Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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