Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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SLoCaT is a Type II Partnership under the UN. This means that it is a non-legal and non-binding partnership.

The Partnership is hosted by UN-DESA; the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the African Development Bank act as regional focal points. The German Technical Cooperation hosts and supports a liaison office in Bonn. On a day to day basis the Partnership is represented by 2 joint conveners: Cornie Huizenga and Tom Hamlin.

SLoCaT has a rotating Chairperson which is selected from among the members of the Partnership Council.  Jamie Leather of the ADB served as the first informal chairperson of SLoCaT. He was succeeded by Vera Lucia Vicentini of the Inter-American Development Bank in May 2010.

The SLoCaT Partnership is overseen by a 9 member Partnership council:

  • Dominique Etienne, African Development Bank
  • James Leather, Asian Development Bank
  • Adriana Lobo, Center for Sustainable Transport Mexico
  • Daniel Bongardt, German Technical Cooperation
  • Vera Lucia Vicentini, Inter American Development Bank
  • Heather Allen, International Association for Public Transport
  • Michael Replogle, Institute for Transport and Development Policy
  • Sanjivi Sundar, The Energy and Resources Institute
  • Supernumerary members: Joint Conveners Tom Hamlin, United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs and Cornie Huizenga

The role of the Partnership Council is:

a) Oversee the development of the Partnership;

b) Approve the admission of new members;

c) Review implementation annual work plan and approve annual updates;

d) Review Partnership materials (e.g. flyers and brochures);

e) Represent Partnership;

f) Assist in fund raising for activities by Partnership members

The Partnership meets once per year, usually in the second quarter of the year. The 2010 annual meeting took place on 24 May and was hosted by the Asian Development Bank.


How to become a member

Membership of SLoCaT is on an organizational  basis. Interested individuals may subscribe to the SLoCaT newsletter to receive SLoCaT updates.
Please send an email to Cornie Huizenga: cornie.huizenga [at]
Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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