Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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Scope and Objectives

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The thematic scope of the Partnership is on land transport in developing countries and includes freight and passenger transport. Both motorized and non-motorized transport is included. The geographical scope of the Partnership is developing countries. The Partnership will initially focus on Asia, Latin America  and Africa.

The Partnership has as its overarching goal to mobilize global support to reduce the growth of GHG emissions generated by land transport in developing countries by promoting more sustainable, low carbon transport. The partnership has four specific objectives:

  • The integration of sustainable, low carbon transport in climate negotiations, as well as national and local climate policies and programs,
  • The integration of climate considerations in regional, national and local transport policies,
  • Mainstream Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport in strategies and operations of international development organizations,
  • Contribute to sustainable development and the millennium development goals especially providing access to or for goods and services by lower income groups.

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Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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