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Side Event: An actionable vision on the decarbonisation of transport

May 31, 2017, 11:00am-12:15pm
Leipzig, Germany

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The Global Macro-Roadmap: An Actionable Vision on Transport Decarbonization proposed by the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) outlines a phased action process, covering a 2020-2050+ timeline and thereby covering both short as well as mid- to long-term actions towards decarbonization of transport as called for by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 

This Roadmap aims to give a realistic (technically feasible) vision, with an operational focus for each segment of the Transport sector (people and freight; road, railway, aviation, waterborne; urban and rural). It is driven by new sustainable and inclusive growth opportunities called for by the SDGs.The Roadmap identifies a balanced package of actions taking into account the main sustainable transport paradigm which combines Avoid (reduce unnecessary travel through e.g. land use planning or logistics redesign and halting counterproductive regulation that incentivizes travel by individual motorized vehicles), Shift (shift movement of goods and people to the most efficient modes, by scaling up good practices) and Improve (improve environmental performance of fuels and powertrains, intermodality and transport management).

The side-event will discuss the development of the Roadmap from a European -, as well as from a Korean perspective. Furthermore, it will assess how the private sector can best contribute to the implementation and financing of the Roadmap. 


  • Holger Dalkmann, Director, Strategy and Global Policy; EMBARQ Director,WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, World Resource Institute
  • Chang Woon Lee, President, Korean Transport Institute
  • Patrick Oliva, Co-founder Paris Process on Mobility and Climate Change
  • Sungwon Lee, Chief Research Director, The Korea Transport Institute
  • Cornie Huizenga, Secretary General, SLoCaT Partnership



Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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