Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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The CAI-Asia Green Trucks Toolkit can be used to estimate carbon dioxide and air pollutant emissions from fleets, and determine fleet efficiency indicators, such as emissions per ton-km and fuel consumed per ton-km. The tool also evaluates various improvement strategies and technologies ranging from eco-driving, idling reduction, low-rolling resistance tires and emission control devices.  

The Sustainable Supply Chain Centre – Asia Pacific (SSCCAP) is the collaborative vision of the business community and higher education to develop and implement best practice sustainable supply chain solutions in Asia Pacific.

The Green Freight Website aims to improve access to information on policies and programs, technologies and logistics, and data relevant to the freight sector, especially for developing countries. By providing a platform for shippers, carriers, logistics providers, government agencies, practitioners and other stakeholders, we hope to encourage debate, sharing of experiences and establishing collaborations. Information on the Green Freight and Logistics website is compiled through CAI-Asia’s green freight projects funded by the Energy Foundation and the World Bank, and with the support from Cascade Sierra Solutions, US EPA and other partners.

UN-ESCAP Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section seeks to assist member countries in the Asian Pacific region to integrate all modes of transport, adopt effective multimodal and logistics solutions, overcome non-physical bottlenecks, harmonize legal regimes relating to facilitation and strengthen human resources and institutional capacities. UN-ESCAP Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Transport Development: Eco-efficiency in Freight Transportation and Logistics . Contains presentations by UN-ECSAP, CAI-Asia, country presentations as well as private sector presentations.


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Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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